October Blog

Welcome to my October 2014 Blog…………………

October Daily Horoscopes!

Ancient Astrologers
Here’s a pic of me and my heavy metal band of astro brothers during the ancient Babylonian era, when we had to work out what was happening in the heavens using just our keen eyesight and a bunch of cuneiform tablets. It’s a lot easier now, using computers, let me tell you! So you can read the latest daily horoscope forecasts for October right here on AstroScope Me! Check out what is in store for you via my Horoscopes for October. http://astroscope.me/future.html

Makeover for October!

Queen Suzanna, Astrologer of the Nile
In view of our need for a new style under the delightful Libran Sun, Queen Suzanna Collins, our gorgeous Astrologer of the Nile has had a complete makeover this month, as you can see in the pic to the right! Queen Suzanna has given us her insights intp the month ahead, which bears a total Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the 8th and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd. Not to mention Mercury turning retrograde on the 4th! Check out her Monthly Horoscopes for October. http://astroscope.me/monthscope.html

In the Cards for October, by Lili Rosace.

Lili Rosace Tarotscopes
The Tarot is a mystical book, a set of archetypal symbols, clarifying the cosmic tendencies so that we may better understand ourselves and our roles in the world. Lili’s Monthly Tarotscopes for October are on line now. Discover her reading of the energy surrounding your Sun Sign over the month ahead, detailing your relationships, romance, career and overall outlook. What’s on the cards for you? Find the focus of your soul and being in Lili’s Tarotscopes for October. http://astroscope.me/tarotmonthscope.html


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