Sagittarius – Sign of the Month

Sagittarius, the ArcherSagittarius, the sign of wide-ranging travel (both physical and mental), matters of the higher mind—and having a good time—is the ninth sign of the tropical zodiac. Sagittarius is our featured Sign of the month! Sagittarians have a dynamic personality, with a sense of personal freedom that can be both stimulating and challenging. Sagittarian people have a lively interest in exploring the distant reaches of the world, both innner and outer. They love to take chances and to travel, making them the great gamblers of the zodiac. Sagittarians, the high priests of the zodiac, will rise to any challenge, especially in the area of romance. The famous emblem for Sagittarius is the Archer, armed with the arrow of truth. Free and honest in their approach, they expect others to be likewise. The Sagittarian arrow shoots for the stars, holding the blazing light of truth in an arc that illuminates the world. Admirers should remember that their honesty can on occasions be brutally frank, especially when extolling the virtues of their actions, or recounting one of their more dubious exploits. Read about Sagittarius and all the other signs right here on our website:



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